Hip 1  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
Reeds Limited Nino
2003 black m
(Denvers Limited x Nino Cocotero, by Skip A Duece)
Hip 2  Consigned by JD Williams
Diamonds And Sparkle
2023 bay s
(CD Diamond x Simply Annies Spark, by Simply A Spark)
Hip 3  Consigned by Coalson Acres
Bets On Solomon
2020 bay s
(Playgun x Bets On Bathsheba, by Bet Hesa Cat)
Hip 4  Consigned by Roy R Barrera Jr
Play Freckles Suen
2022 sorrel m
(Boon Too Suen x Sugar Special Twist, by Very Special Playgun)
Hip 5  Consigned by Rafter V Volkman
GCH Sandy Lil Cat
2012 sorrel m
(Smart Morias Cat x Docs Sandy Freckles, by Hermano San)
Hip 6  Consigned by Hr Equine
TFR Snipper
2022 buckskin m
(Sevens Hollywood Glo x Tfr Cherry Drop, by Charlie Doc Tari)
Hip 7  Consigned by Michelle Henrichs
Choose My Feather
2009 sorrel g
(Cats Red Feather x Instant Marys Choice, by SR Instant Choice)
Hip 8  Consigned by Dr Christina & Austin White
CT Smokey Jack Guns
2023 dun g
(Ct Show Me Your Guns x Janas Smokey Girl, by Eyes On Red)
Hip 9  Consigned by Clinton & Sandra Vanwinkle
VW Dontplaywithguns
2022 blue roan s
(Little Blue Rowdy x Rey Jen Gun, by Call Me Playgun)
Hip 10  Consigned by Ernest & Valerie Cajka
Tuff Like RBG
2020 sorrel m
(Woody Be Tuff x CR Spoonful Of Lucy, by Hes A Peptospoonful)
Hip 11  Consigned by Brian Griffin
BS Yellow Sannman
2020 palomino g
(Sannman x Lidos Little Freckle, by Little Lido)
Hip 12  Consigned by Hr Equine
Classy Gold Holly
2021 palomino m
(Doc Lusty Playboy x Hank And Holly, by Yank By Hank)
Hip 13  Consigned by Alan Schmidt
Miss Stylin Snyder
2018 sorrel m
(Sonitas Stylin Pepto x Lrs Miss Blob Snyder, by Peppy Harris)
Hip 14  Consigned by Samuel Smith
Bluez Brother
2021 sorrel g
(Brother Jackson x Angel In Blue Jeanz, by Metallic Cat)
Hip 15  Consigned by Danny Hern
Red Hot Rockin W
2023 sorrel s
(Rockin W x Red Hot Shania Girl, by Red Hot Metal)
Hip 16  Consigned by Jason Maendel
Stylin Sanman
2014 sorrel g
(Stylin Cat x Sb Credit Gal, by Sanman Badger)
Hip 17  Consigned by Thomas Conroy / Conroy Ranch
Six R Smokin
2022 sorrel s
(Dual R Smokin x Ss Six Attack, by Sixarun)
Hip 18  Consigned by Fillip Joe Anderson
James Got A Gun
2023 dun s
(Waggin A Gun x Bright Miss James, by Bright Spanish Watch)
Hip 19  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC Jesse Dualing Cat
2023 chestnut m
(Cp Jesse Cat x WC Reys Dualing Star, by Rey Dual)
Hip 20  Consigned by Michael Scott
Smooth Opereytor S3
2021 chestnut s
(Smooth As A Cat x Lil Rey Of Hope As, by TR Dual Rey)
Hip 21  Consigned by Matt Whitman
Gould Digger
2020 black m
(Oklahomas Goldenjule x Shining American, by Shiners Charcoal)
Hip 22  Consigned by JD Williams
Dont I Look Smart
2020 sorrel m
(Dont Stopp Believin x Sucha Smartlookn Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Hip 23  Consigned by Wade Williams
Tivios Littlehickory
2015 buckskin g
(Mr Poco Jessie Tivio x Tari Sweet Sue, by Highplayin)
Hip 24  Consigned by Hr Equine
TFR Freckles
2022 palomino m
(Gritty Little Badger x Tfr Playgirl, by Acres Of Red)
Hip 25  Consigned by Coalson Acres
Heart Of Bathsheba
2020 sorrel m
(Playgun x Bets On Bathsheba, by Bet Hesa Cat)
Hip 26  Consigned by AG Performance Horses
Bella Dual Zack
2015 sorrel m
(Dual R Smokin x Zacks Jazzy Lu, by Zack T Wood)
Hip 27  Consigned by Bill McFarland Jr
TSU Lil Bit Of Time
2021 palomino g
(Blue One Time x Lil Bit Of Pepto, by Yellow Roan Of Texas)
Hip 28  Consigned by Lazy Kt Performance Horses
Chic With Pep
2008 sorrel m
(Mister Dual Pep x One Smart Chicy, by Smart Chic Olena)
Hip 29  Consigned by Kirk Kennedy
Royal Cat Can Dash
2021 palomino m
(Oklahomas Goldenjule x Shes A Demon, by Royal Shake Em)
Hip 30  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC TRinity Big Boon
2023 gray g
(CR Tuff Big Boon x TRinity Listobuda, by Listolena)
Hip 31  Consigned by Brad & Melissa Wessel
Pop The Clutch 008
2008 sorrel m
(Clutch Player x Somebodys Sindy, by Somebody Smart)
Hip 32  Consigned by Kobie D Wood
Kool Cash
2020 sorrel g
(Cool N Hot x Chita Cash Cat, by High Brow Cat)
Hip 33  Consigned by Clinton & Sandra Vanwinkle
VW Heza Rowdy CD
2022 bay roan s
(Little Blue Rowdy x Sheza Classy CD, by Honky Tonk CD)
Hip 34  Consigned by Serena Pyles
Blind And Metallic
2023 red roan s
(Blind Sided x Cats Metallic Lady, by Metallic Cat)
Hip 35  Consigned by Danny Hern
Smooth As A Rockin W
2023 sorrel s
(Rockin W x Miss Cat Kimlena, by Smooth As A Cat)
Hip 36  Consigned by Dr Christina & Austin White
Janas Smokey Girl
2004 gray m
(Eyes On Red x Smokum Jana, by Smokeys Gray)
Hip 37  Consigned by Jason Neyland
Metallics Jagger
2022 red roan m
(Metallic Boom x Curious N Misty, by Docs Curious Cat)
Hip 38  Consigned by Coalson Acres
Moxie Heritage
2020 chestnut m
(High Brow Cat x Dual Heritage, by Dual Pep)
Hip 39  Consigned by Dr Christina & Austin White
Helluva Whiches Cat
2023 red roan m
(Hq Helluva Cat x Royal Acre Whitch, by Peptos Blueprint)
Hip 40  Consigned by Roy R Barrera Jr
2021 palomino m
(Show Me Red Buck x Busy Making Shine, by About Shining Time)
Hip 41  Consigned by Hr Equine
FQHR Mercedes
2021 bay roan m
(Fqhr Conagher x Mckeatas Wind Song, by Mckeata)
Hip 42  Consigned by Rafter V Volkman
Spoonful Of Playdo
2010 sorrel m
(Hes A Peptospoonful x Lenas Playboy Bunny, by Freckles Playboy)
Hip 43  Consigned by Chelsie Larabee
Dots Metallic Star
2020 red roan m
(Metallic Chance x Whits Peppy Dot Star, by Peppys Dry Award)
Hip 44  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC Tuff Big Playgirl
2023 bay m
(CR Tuff Big Boon x Playgirl Peppy Nino, by Playboys Red Peppy)
Hip 45  Consigned by Matt Whitman
MW Family Jules
2019 sorrel g
(Oklahomas Goldenjule x Break N Leo, by Majors Heart Break)
Hip 46  Consigned by Britny Malhi
2011 sorrel s
(Metallic Cat x Miss Sea Rey, by Dual Rey)
Hip 47  Consigned by JD Williams
Dont Stopp Trackin
2021 bay s
(Dont Stopp Believin x Marking Your Tracks, by Whizen By You)
Hip 48  Consigned by Jarrod Peterson
Fictional Foxiness
2021 bay m
(Smart Sanlena Fox x Kings Janey Sue, by Pal O Lena)
Hip 49  Consigned by Cody Rabska
Short On Whiskey
2012 bay g
(Whiskey River Time x Short Stop Miss, by Shorty Lena)
Hip 50  Consigned by Jeff Smith
Stranger Things
2022 chestnut with spots s
(Smooth As A Cat x Toby Secret Spook (ap), by Toby Morning Star (ap))
Hip 51  Consigned by Hr Equine
Peppys Viper
2023 sorrel s
(Peptotoy x Tfa Poca Honus, by Pit Viper Snake)
Hip 52  Consigned by Jeff Canter
A Metallic Martini
2016 bay roan g
(Metallic Cat x Stylish Martini, by Docs Stylish Oak)
Hip 53  Consigned by Alex Pogue
Lil High Cat Rey
2021 red roan g
(High Hat Cat x Smart Lil Ginney Rey, by Smart Lil Highbrow)
Hip 54  Consigned by Adam A Dobbels
Geauxing Rogue
2020 bay roan m
(Stevie Rey Von x Playguns Paragon, by Playgun)
Hip 55  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC Tuff Metallic
2023 red roan m
(CR Tuff Big Boon x Metallic Dazzle, by Metallic Cat)
Hip 56  Consigned by Ciera Mcentire
Metallic Menace
2023 palomino s
(One Shiney Metallic x HA Gypsys Erica, by Starlights Gypsy)
Hip 57  Consigned by Brian Stone
Hickorys Smart Time
2022 sorrel m
(Hickory Holly Time x Smart Lil Bueno Chic, by Smart Zanolena)
Hip 58  Consigned by Hr Equine
Gloshines N Holiwood
2022 bay m
(Vvf Bacas Night Glo x Tfr Genuine Doll, by Vintage Prescription)
Hip 59  Consigned by Coalson Acres
Shes Wright Fancy
2022 sorrel m
(Hes Wright On x Fancy Smancy, by Quejanaisalena)
Hip 60  Consigned by JD Williams
Maxi Playtime
2023 gray m
(Its Time To Look x Tqh Maxi Playgun, by Cowboy Gun)
Hip 61  Consigned by Roy R Barrera Jr
Tina Got Foxy
2021 bay roan m
(Duke Got Jack x Tinas A Genuine Fox, by Genuine Hombre)
Hip 62  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WO Be Tuff Freckels
2023 sorrel g
(CR Tuff Big Boon x Freckels Lena Beauty, by Peeping Bo Lena)
Hip 63  Consigned by Jeff Fortin
Dual Smart Bender
2023 bay s
(Navajo Kid x Ima Smart Id Cat, by Tj Dbl Id Bartender)
Hip 64  Consigned by Jarret Nelson
Miss Smooth Tyree
2020 bay m
(Smooth Cats Pepto x Miss Chisum Tyree, by Two Eyed Chisum Buck)
Hip 65  Consigned by Danny Hern
Smooth Rockin W
2023 sorrel s
(Rockin W x Smooth Catalac, by Smooth As A Cat)
Hip 66  Consigned by John Montano
Cats Smart Lilbadger
2020 sorrel m
(Cats Red Feather x Just Badger, by Just Smart)
Hip 67  Consigned by Dr Christina & Austin White
HQ Neat Little Gun
2023 gray g
(Ct Show Me Your Guns x Neat Little Kitty, by High Brow Cat)
Hip 68  Consigned by Allen Hershberger
SRF Metallic Mink
2022 red roan g
(Metallic Rey Mink x Rockin Minkolena, by Rockin W)
Hip 69  Consigned by Carina Guevara
Mark It Hot
2021 bay g
(Cool N Hot x Haidas Hallmark, by Haidas Little Pep)
Hip 70  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC Tuff Witchy
2023 sorrel g
(CR Tuff Big Boon x Wickedwitchy, by Playboys Red Peppy)
Hip 71  Consigned by Bernadette Zervas
One Roan Hickory 101
2018 bay roan g
(One Roan Peptos x Movinonahickory 101, by Hickory San Bravo)
Hip 72  Consigned by Thomas Conroy / Conroy Ranch
Tell Tale Moon
2022 sorrel s
(A Tale Of The Cat x Bmf Peppys Lady Moon, by Smartly Freckled Rio)
Hip 73  Consigned by Gerald Bardin
Harold Ray
2014 sorrel g
(Bet Hesa Cat x Favorite Six, by Sixes Pick)
Hip 74  Consigned by Clinton & Sandra Vanwinkle
VW Just About Blue
2022 bay roan s
(Little Blue Rowdy x Just About Jacie, by Gfr Jacies Two Hat)
Hip 75  Consigned by Hr Equine
Ima Lady Playboy
2021 palomino m
(Doc Lusty Playboy x Our Lady Holly, by Prescriptions Hank)
Hip 76  Consigned by Betsie Holtz
Kitty Hawk Down
2016 sorrel m
(Ebr Kitty Hawk x Jn Lady Rawhide, by Zandorel Buck)
Hip 77  Consigned by Rafter V Volkman
GS Smooth N Cruel
2010 sorrel m
(Smooth As A Cat x Cruel Jewel, by Lenas Jewel Bars)
Hip 78  Consigned by Jeremy Barwick
Blue Runnin Chief
2022 sorrel g
(Haletothechief x Blue Rey Reata, by Dual Rey)
Hip 79  Consigned by Roy R Barrera Jr
Minks Play Rey
2022 sorrel g
(Metallic Rey Mink x Miss Royal Departure, by Royal Blue Gent)
Hip 80  Consigned by Coalson Acres
2019 chestnut m
(High Brow Cat x Tiajuanapep, by Dual Pep)
Hip 81  Consigned by JD Williams
Stylish Blu Boon LE
2020 red roan m
(Once In A Blu Boon x Mamas Stylish Star, by Dual Rey)
Hip 82  Consigned by Howard Spradlin
WC Wodys Big Pose
2023 sorrel g
(CR Tuff Big Boon x The Hollywood Pose, by Playboys Red Peppy)
Hip 83  Consigned by Danny Hern
Stylish Rockin Cat
2023 bay s
(Rockin W x Stylish Doc Cat, by Billie Brow Cat)
Hip 84  Consigned by Dr Christina & Austin White
Purrfect Royal Cat
2023 palomino g
(Purrfect Royalty x Ms Nitas Kitty, by Nitas Wood)
Hip 85  Consigned by Hr Equine
Rileys Oak
2023 red dun m
(Rileys Poco Lena x Miss Savannah Oak, by El Peppy Oak)
Hip 85A  Consigned by Dewayne & Marsha Stephens
Neat Little Shania
2014 sorrel m
(Neat Little Cat x Shanias Melody, by Cattin)
Hip 85B  Consigned by Dewayne & Marsha Stephens
2021 bay m
(Once You Go Black x Shanias Melody, by Cattin)
Hip 85C  Consigned by Dewayne & Marsha Stephens
Shanias Neat Cat
2020 sorrel g
(Neat Little Cat x Shanias Melody, by Cattin)
Hip 85D  Consigned by Dewayne & Marsha Stephens
Metallic Cat CD
2013 sorrel g
(Metallic Cat x CDs Star Lady, by CD Olena)
Hip 86  Consigned by Lost Ridge Equine
Dont Stop Brandy
2022 dun m
(Dont Stop Shootin x Dun Shiny, by Shiny Fandango)
Hip 87  Consigned by Steve Northington
Hesa Natural Cat
2019 gray g
(Natural Bottom x Shesa Haida Cat, by Bet Hesa Cat)
Hip 88  Consigned by Savannah Rumary
Wimpys Hollywood Jem
2019 palomino m
(Wimpys Royal King x A Holleywood Jewel, by The Jewel Snipper)
Hip 89  Consigned by Mike McPhail
2019 sorrel g
(Paddy O Sugar x Duchess Que Jackie, by Duke Joe Jack)
Hip 90  Consigned by Leon Hostetler
Pending (P)/Painted Kiki Trashy
2022 sorrel solid m
(Shiners Voodoo Dr x Painted Kiki Trashy (P), by Gunnatrashya (P))
Hip 91  Consigned by James Mark Taylor
Tequilla Gooberlips
2021 bay g
(KR Famous Tequilla x Snazzy In Ivory, by Ivory James)
Hip 92  Consigned by Ky Lake Trailer Sales Inc
2022 sorrel s
(Tricked Out Spook x My Hollywood Girl, by Hollywood Dun It)
Hip 93  Consigned by Wilson Cattle
Datils Famous Guy
2021 palomino g
(Ima Special Kindaguy x Dw Road TA Fame, by Smashing N Dashing)
Hip 94  Consigned by William Higginbottom
Boonsmal Gotta Draco
2017 blue roan g
(Boonsmal Blue x Smart Pretty Rose, by Smart Spook)
Hip 95  Consigned by Eli Miller
2020 sorrel g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 96  Consigned by William G Cappel
PR Dox Moonshine
2020 bay g
(Pr A Smooth Doc x Pr Royal Moonshine, by Cats Moonshine)
Hip 97  Consigned by Stewart Performance Horses
2016 red roan g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 98  Consigned by J & J Paints And Quarter Horses LLC
Dun Roans Hancock
2018 dun g
(Leo Hancock Roan x Foxy Dun Rojo, by Rojos Klassy Roan)
Hip 99  Consigned by Cory Craig
2020 black g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 100  Consigned by John Lapke
Daddy Frank
2020 palomino s
(Pale Face Dunnit x Walla Chic Dreamin, by Magnum Chic Dream)
Hip 101  Consigned by D Cross Quarter Horses
Semper Fi Dual Play
2019 bay g
(Dual N Play x Semperfi, by Gallo Del Cielo)
Hip 102  Consigned by Dean Hostetler
2018 buckskin overo g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 103  Consigned by Cody Rabska
A Sudden Pine Bar (P)
2017 bay solid g
(Lopin Impulse (P) x Zippos Hot Temptation (P), by A Hot Temptation)
Hip 104  Consigned by Hank Robbins
Blu Twist O Cool
2012 blue roan g
(Twist O Blue Bonnet x Ms Cool Bonnet, by Plenty Blue Bonnet)
Hip 105  Consigned by Thompson Performance Horses
Allegedly Famous
2022 sorrel m
(In Like Flinn x Allocution, by Shine Big Time)
Hip 106  Consigned by Sid Zacharias
The Tanager
2020 sorrel g
(Electric Snow x Gingers Little Pine, by Great Resolve)
Hip 107  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Jo Whiskey
2018 buckskin g
(Whiskeys Sun x Two Eyed Image Of Jo, by Two Eyed Red Buck)
Hip 108  Consigned by Jeffrey Neil Smith
A Little Cat N Mouse
2015 sorrel g
(Cats Merada x HR Playin Legend, by Little Lenas Legend)
Hip 109  Consigned by Edward Schwartz
Tweetys Red George
2022 red dun g
(Funny B Hollywood x Cc Blues Washout, by Blue Taw)
Hip 110  Consigned by Darrell Harbor
Danzing Downtown
2020 palomino s
(Downtown Cat x Danzingntheboonlight, by Daniel Boonlight)
Hip 111  Consigned by John Gardner
Cals Gold Olena
2018 palomino g
(Suns Buckaroo x Cals Sweet Lil Last, by Peppys Gold Colonel)
Hip 112  Consigned by Anne & Kimberly Hernandez
Nu I Wood Sparkle
2021 sorrel m
(Shining Spark x Nu Wooden Nickel, by Nu Cash)
Hip 113  Consigned by New Chapter Ranch / Matt Wells
Janies Fame
2017 chestnut m
(Vabellez x Roostin Janie, by Gallo Del Cielo)
Hip 114  Consigned by Andrew Napp
Mr Stetson Frost
2020 gray g
(Mdp Chexynator x Pc Rarely Misses, by Pc Frosty Rare Bar)
Hip 115  Consigned by Allie Littlefield
H Primo Catt
2018 dun g
(Catts Back In Black x HR Dun Dos Prima, by HR Dun Smoke)
Hip 116  Consigned by Jessica Johnson
Ima Hoss
2020 bay g
(Mcm Imahoss x Shelle Belle Blue, by Jess Louisiana Blue)
Hip 117  Consigned by Mitch Payne
Silver Spoon
2016 gray g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 118  Consigned by Sweet Cattle Company
Boogers French Fame
2018 palomino g
(French Too Fame x Boogers Rodeo Roanie, by Cee Booger Red)
Hip 119  Consigned by Jeff Fortin
Whiz My Nu TRina
2022 palomino m
(Eliots Otis x Chicka Boom Olena, by Rn Smart Machacho)
Hip 120  Consigned by Ervin Kranawetter
Boon Nose It
2022 palomino s
(Hollywood Nose It x Boonsmal Oak, by Peptoboonsmal)
Hip 121  Consigned by Clint Henson
Sweet Sun Of A Gun
2020 gray s
(Playgun x Suns Sugar Sweet, by Mr Sun O Lena)
Hip 122  Consigned by John Yoder
Blue Tyree
2020 grullo g
(Jt Hancock Bluevanzi x Tyrees Gold Baron, by Pop Eyed Baron)
Hip 123  Consigned by Jessica Jones
Buck Bar Dynamite
2020 buckskin g
(Roan Bar Dynamite x Ima Royal Lena, by Ima Royal Fx Sun)
Hip 124  Consigned by Eleazar Salinas
Baylinx Baby Don
2021 chestnut m
(Double Don Star x Red Baylinx, by Douglas Don)
Hip 125  Consigned by Valley View Ranch
Tuf Won Cash
2022 buckskin s
(Ksu Mo Cash To Win x One Tuf Pepperbee, by Gbh Hesatuf Cashwood)
Hip 126  Consigned by Cody Burney
Yellows Playmate
2019 palomino m
(Playboy Jay Peppy x Tf Yellow Doll, by Speedy Wood Ike)
Hip 127  Consigned by J And B Livestock
RCC Colonel Smartcat
2021 black s
(Cats Skeeterbee x Cee The Night, by Circle Cee)
Hip 128  Consigned by Diamond V Performance Horses
Pending/TNH Dancinchromesmal
2023 red roan m
(Spooks Got Two Guns x Tnh Dancinchromesmal, by Mr Chromesmal)
Hip 129  Consigned by Chad Mathews
Double Equity
2016 palomino g
(Confirmed Equity x Doubley Shi Lady, by Doubley Impress)
Hip 130  Consigned by Tim Long
Shirley Your A Hash
2021 bay m
(Hashtags x Shirley Your A Tag, by Whiz N Tag Chex)
Hip 131  Consigned by Mike McPhail
MC Bucket Of Gin
2017 palomino g
(Heza Fancy Buck x Pretty Miss Gin, by Tanquery Gin)
Hip 132  Consigned by J & J Paints And Quarter Horses LLC
RJ Hicks Flashy 149
2018 buckskin g
(SR Hickorys Pep x Poco Blakburn 149, by Mr Poco Blakburn 025)
Hip 133  Consigned by Chris Downer
ZR Bronze Buddy
2021 buckskin g
(Barlnk Golden Rule x Classik Bronze, by Kids Classic Style)
Hip 134  Consigned by George Nichols III
China Docs Real Last (P)
2014 sorrel tobiano g
(China Doc (P) x Two Dee San Peppy (P), by Smokes Peppy San (P))
Hip 135  Consigned by Lost Ridge Equine
Mr Boon Freckles
2020 gray g
(Mamas Duel N At Boon x Lady Freckles Peppy, by Mr Freckles Cee)
Hip 136  Consigned by Valley View Ranch
Fourw Shining Cowboy
2022 buckskin s
(Rey Shining Dynamite x Miss Cowboy Dun It, by Dun It Like Lena)
Hip 137  Consigned by Eli Miller
2020 bay roan g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 138  Consigned by Wilson Cattle
QS Toosmoothforyou
2018 sorrel g
(Smooth Talkin Style x Autumn Kitty, by High Brow Cat)
Hip 139  Consigned by Bailey Jeffries
2020 bay m
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 140  Consigned by Carter Higginbottom
Chic From A Rose
2017 sorrel g
(Heaven Sent Chic x Smart Pretty Rose, by Smart Spook)
Hip 141  Consigned by Mahlon Graber
Miss Leos Freckle
2014 buckskin m
(Gritty Little Badger x Smokin Miss Milligan, by Freckles Smokin Doc)
Hip 142  Consigned by Jason Hershberger
Chollas Rich Girl
2015 sorrel m
(Caleb Caytoe x Daddys Richie Girl, by Chasing Daddy)
Hip 143  Consigned by Becky Taylor
Shez Like Chester
2015 bay m
(Dashing Chester x Corlens Dayaway, by Special Show)
Hip 144  Consigned by Patrick Whitley
Sneeky Bluestem W 5
2012 gray g
(Spooks Bluestem x Sneeky Sixcess 60129, by Flying X 6)
Hip 145  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Miss Gins Sun
2019 bay g
(Whiskeys Sun x Pretty Miss Gin, by Tanquery Gin)
Hip 146  Consigned by Brad & Melissa Wessel
Rainbow Diamond Rio
2017 red roan g
(Rainbow Gentleman x Peppy Rosewood, by Pc Peppy Play Frost)
Hip 147  Consigned by Rusten F Smith
Pepto Chex Move
2021 brown g
(Jp Royal Pepto Chex x Miss Winter Move, by Socks Is Dog Face)
Hip 148  Consigned by Roy R Barrera Jr
Streakin Dash Cash (P)
2016 chestnut tobiano m
(Tres Kings x Lylas Milky Way (P), by Sir Camelot (P))
Hip 149  Consigned by Kelly Ross
TM Hesa Cadilac Flash (P)
2018 sorrel overo g
(Justa Cool Flash x Cadilac N Jazz (P), by Skippin To The Jazz (P))
Hip 150  Consigned by Ashley Bickell
Mo Money Mo Problemz
2023 black s
(High Roller Whiz x Ksu Lil Mo Badger, by Ml Great Badger)
Hip 151  Consigned by Grayson Allred
MLE Fancy Cat
2021 bay g
(Fletch That Cat x Fancy Roan Badger, by Tens Powder Playboy)
Hip 152  Consigned by Anne Hernandez
Major Named Wanda
2019 bay m
(Major Bonanza x Nic Named Wanda, by Nic It In The Bud)
Hip 153  Consigned by Heather Cole
DCR Larks Pistol
2021 buckskin g
(Tiger Leo N Dun It x Petes Little Lark, by Osu Pistol Pete)
Hip 154  Consigned by Chris Dennis
2017 gray m
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 155  Consigned by William G Cappel
PR One Rockin Gun
2020 gray g
(Playguns Little Lena x Pr Ima Rockin Pepto, by Rockin W)
Hip 156  Consigned by Dayton Hancock
Metallic Pixie
2020 sorrel m
(Metallic Gray x Play Ladie Play, by Playgun)
Hip 157  Consigned by Hank Robbins
Cool Leo Britches
2011 black g
(Crowheart Veehan x Mira Leo Hancock, by Cool Leo Hancock)
Hip 158  Consigned by Richard W Luse
Pistol Packing Katie
2018 dun m
(Spooks Gotta Gun x Pay Chic Dream, by Magnum Chic Dream)
Hip 159  Consigned by Lluvia Dimas
BHR Saint Marys Lady
2014 grullo m
(Kings Pure Breeze x Kings Poco Lady, by Kings Poco Discount)
Hip 160  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Paddy O Sugar Duece
2021 bay s
(Paddy O Sugar x Miss Sugar And Cash, by Two Eyed Red Buck)
Hip 161  Consigned by Shawn & Nici Walker
Made You Think
2021 bay g
(West Coast Whiz x Mr Nicadual Dun It, by Mister Nicadual)
Hip 162  Consigned by Tim Sydebotham
Kiss It You Keep It
2019 bay roan m
(Kissin The Girls x Its Finders Keepers, by Keeping It Good)
Hip 163  Consigned by John Logsdon
2017 gray m
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 164  Consigned by Fernando Viesca
Smart Like Tinker
2021 chestnut g
(Tinker With Guns x Chex N Honey, by Smart Like Juice)
Hip 165  Consigned by Eli Miller
Cartels Streakingold
2021 palomino g
(Heart Of The Cartel x Te Totally Goldpiece, by Goldies Roan Bars)
Hip 166  Consigned by Courtney E Koenig / 7 Mile Ranch LLC
Genuine Smart Roanin
2016 red roan g
(Smart Lena Boon x Genuine Sunshin, by Genuine 007)
Hip 167  Consigned by Namgis Quarter Horses
2019 sorrel g
(Kiss My Hocks x Namgis D 48, by Bucks Hancock Dude)
Hip 168  Consigned by Cory Craig
Smokin To The Melody
2021 sorrel g
(Its Smoken Time x Shes A Yellow Pine, by Six Arrows Barb)
Hip 169  Consigned by Jared Meyer Performance Horses
Divas Smoken King
2017 buckskin g
(Cisco King Dude x Nics Sneaky Diva, by Colonel Wininic)
Hip 170  Consigned by William Higginbottom
Smokey Blue Boon
2019 black g
(Boonsmal Blue x Whiznshiney, by Smart And Shiney)
Hip 171  Consigned by Tom Crabtree
Coolios Miss Bella
2023 sorrel m
(Cool Cat Guy x Billie Bella, by Mr Hillbilly Baron)
Hip 172  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Paddy Sugar
2017 buckskin g
(Paddy O Sugar x Miss Baron Michelle, by Sevens Baron)
Hip 173  Consigned by Daniel Kimberlin
Shine Brother Shine
2019 palomino g
(Shine Chic Shine x Smart Shiny Spook, by Smart Spook)
Hip 174  Consigned by Jeb Fortin TRucking
Nokes Blazin Rastas
2021 sorrel m
(Bueno Blaze x Bueno Dash Of Rastas, by Bueno Dash Of Fame)
Hip 175  Consigned by AG Performance Horses
Dual Iceman Reyz
2023 chestnut s
(Sg Frozen Enterprize x Bella Dual Zack, by Dual R Smokin)
Hip 176  Consigned by JD Tarlton
JDT Azuls King Chick
2018 bay roan g
(Azuls Springer x GB Kings Chick, by Rogers King)
Hip 177  Consigned by Chanse Shrader
Mr High Brow Zero Bo
2019 bay g
(Catalejo x Baby Poo Badger, by Dr Manor Peppy)
Hip 178  Consigned by Marie O'neill
WCR Who Shootin Who
2020 buckskin m
(Guns R for Shootin x Whiz Dun A Creme, by Who Whiz It)
Hip 179  Consigned by Preston Hartfield
Cowboys Msboon A123
2021 palomino m
(Cowboys Boonlight x Cowboys Shining 604, by Seven S Toronado)
Hip 180  Consigned by Diamond V Performance Horses
MVM Spookshighcotton
2023 bay m
(Spooks Got Two Guns x Dm Im Dancin Royalty, by Dm High Brow Prince)
Hip 181  Consigned by Jessica Jones
SJ Roses Lux Gold
2020 palomino g
(This Fellas Gold x I Run for Roses, by Poco Genuine Playboy)
Hip 182  Consigned by Edward Schwartz
BS Smokin Mr Hayes
2022 blue roan g
(Smokin Blue Hayes x Bs TRipps Prettygirl, by Cbs TRipps Littleman)
Hip 183  Consigned by Jessica Robertson
Shezadynamite Design
2023 gray m
(Slick By Design x Limited Dynamite, by Heza Proud Zip Zorro)
Hip 184  Consigned by Drew Parker
One Time Wild
2017 bay m
(One Time Honor x I Love Cats, by Wild Haired Cat)
Hip 185  Consigned by Jason Hershberger
Dillan Sails Fritz
2017 palomino g
(Sail On Command x Heaven Sent for Coy, by Diamonds Dun It Dude)
Hip 186  Consigned by Mike Spicer
Fly Gun Dozen
2022 black s
(Four Gun Dozen x Fly Betty Boop, by Four Roan Fly)
Hip 187  Consigned by Lost Ridge Equine
Staceys Magic Lace
2022 buckskin m
(Xtra White Magic x Chex Vintage Lace, by Chex Rooster)
Hip 188  Consigned by Isaac Delgado
2015 sorrel g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 189  Consigned by Jp Quarter Horses
MP Alone 701
2017 buckskin g
(Alone Drifter x Mp Hen In The Wood, by Mp Thriftwood)
Hip 190  Consigned by Sweet Cattle Company
2014 black g
(Blue Sage Valentine x Miss Larkin, by Hazard County Star)
Hip 191  Consigned by Eli Miller
Frosty Reno
2021 red roan g
(Wt Frosty Jack x Ash Creek Abby, by Smoky Winning Note)
Hip 192  Consigned by Ervin Kranawetter
2020 sorrel s
(Colonels Smoking Gun x Miss Brim Star, by Smart Starbuck)
Hip 193  Consigned by Edward Schwartz
BS Littlemansapearl
2021 grullo g
(Bsl Lil Mans TRy x Bs Hawks Lil Pearl, by Wyo Hawk Hancock)
Hip 194  Consigned by William G Cappel
Shilols Lil Ty
2020 black g
(Smart Lil Ty x Shilohs Ms Temon, by Ima Poco Leo Star)
Hip 195  Consigned by AG Performance Horses
AG Smart Shiney Fame
2023 palomino s
(Feel The Sting x Porschalena, by Smart Chic Olena)
Hip 196  Consigned by Nathan Golay
Luckly Ima Red Pep
2013 blue roan g
(Lena Red Pep x Luckly Ima Lady, by Kings Hay Day)
Hip 197  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Paddys Gap
2021 bay s
(Paddys Irish Whiskey x Double Drift Gin, by Ikes Double Drift)
Hip 198  Consigned by Anna Woolsey
Smartly Loaded Gun
2012 sorrel g
(Hes A Loaded Gun x Smart Lemon Juice, by Smart Like Juice)
Hip 199  Consigned by Kaylyn Frizzell
2016 buckskin g
(Unavailable x Unavailable, by Unavailable)
Hip 200  Consigned by J And B Livestock
JS Rowdy Blue Jaycer
2022 blue roan m
(Babes Rowdy Bleu Man x Blue Jaycer, by Ag Joes Blue Buddy)
Hip 201  Consigned by Lois Woods
Simply Fabulous
2020 sorrel m
(Frenchmans Fabulous x Valentine Candy Cash, by Cash TReat)
Hip 202  Consigned by Edward Schwartz
Cowans Blue Flame
2022 blue roan g
(Smokin Blue Hayes x Cowans Playgirl, by Cowans Blue Cowboy)
Hip 203  Consigned by Lazy Kt Performance Horses
Shine Wimp Shine
2020 palomino g
(Shine Chic Shine x Wimpys Little Custom, by Wimpys Little Step)
Hip 204  Consigned by Gloria Grove
We All Shine
2021 sorrel g
(Colonels Shining Gun x Shine Your Pistol, by Shine Chic Shine)
Hip 205  Consigned by Buck Mathews
Alazulenas Delta Cat (P)
2014 sorrel tobiano m
(Smart Delta (P) x Deltas Catty Gay Bar (P), by A Catty Delta (P))
Hip 206  Consigned by Darrell Harbor
Banner Starbright
2016 sorrel g
(Cats Starbright x Patent That Budha, by Docs Budha)
Hip 207  Consigned by Kurt Pfeiffer
Greyciously Styling
2022 sorrel g
(Goodness Greycious x Cowboys Styling A846, by Peptos Stylin Cowboy)
Hip 208  Consigned by Daniel Napp
Peptos Beta Choice
2019 sorrel g
(Bet Hesa Choice 012 x Best Laid Plans, by Peptoboonsmal)
Hip 209  Consigned by Stewart Performance Horses
DJB Spoonful Boone (P)
2022 black tobiano s
(Spoonfulblacknlastxvi (P) x Showum Your Peacepipe (P), by Mastr Coy Bonanza (P))
Hip 210  Consigned by David Ferrell
Ichin for Buckles
2021 palomino g
(Show Me The Buckles x Starlit Garbo, by Cat Ichi)
Hip 211  Consigned by Jason Hershberger
DDR Sugarspoon
2010 gray g
(Cowboys Spoonful x Cowboys Shining 517, by Seven S Toronado)
Hip 212  Consigned by Cory Craig
High Cost Of A Dr
2021 palomino m
(Shiners Voodoo Dr x Candy Tag, by Whiz N Tag Chex)
Hip 213  Consigned by Margaret J Barber
Jacks Zero Bar
2022 gray m
(Hetakesmybreathaway x Miss Dry Jack, by Jacks Dark Chocolate)
Hip 214  Consigned by Dallas Cornelius
Streakin Catman Blue
2022 gray g
(Streaking TA Fame x The New Blonde, by Cat Man Do)
Hip 215  Consigned by Scott Clark
Sheza Shiney Wimp
2019 palomino m
(Heza Wimpy Spark x SJR Shinen Angel, by CD Lights)
Hip 216  Consigned by Brian R & Jody L Murray
Always Misbehaving
2019 red roan m
(Bet Hesa Cat x Smart Lookin Mate, by WR This Cats Smart)
Hip 217  Consigned by Rusten F Smith
Pepto Cola
2021 blue roan g
(Jp Royal Pepto Chex x Royal Cola, by Socks Is Dog Face)
Hip 218  Consigned by Kris & Roger Daniels
Medicinal Malice
2020 blue roan m
(Metallic Malice x Very Smart Jewel, by Very Smart Remedy)
Hip 219  Consigned by Brad & Melissa Wessel
Smart Little Girll
2020 palomino m
(Cowboy Smarts x Cracker Jac Dunit, by Freckles Fancy Dunit)
Hip 220  Consigned by Brad & Melissa Wessel
Reeboks Last Quest
2020 bay m
(Reeboks Kid x Sunquest Krystal Blu, by Azuls Sharp Peppy)
Hip 221  Consigned by Dayton Hancock
Smokn Bartender Id
2016 red roan g
(Chics Real Smokn Gun x Ms Moonshine Id, by Set Em Up Bartender)
Hip 222  Consigned by Jason Neyland
Smart Royal Spoon
2019 red roan g
(Hes A Blue Pepto x Ichi Cake, by Cat Ichi)
Hip 223  Consigned by Colby Setzer
Speckled Little Cat
2014 chestnut g
(Jackpot Cat x Royal Lena Boonsmal, by Peptoboonsmal)
Hip 224  Consigned by Paul Pieper
Boon Smart Lena
2021 red roan m
(Boons Smart Ae x Sl Lenas Dutchess, by Lena Spark)
Hip 225  Consigned by Douglas Shipman
Bar C Roan Gun
2023 red roan g
(Seven S Desperado x Here Kitti Kitti, by Cs Cash Remind)
Hip 226  Consigned by Andy Matthews
Magnum S Gun Fire
2022 sorrel m
(Spooks On Fire x One Cute Chic, by Magnum Chic Dream)
Hip 227  Consigned by Eli Miller
Shady D Bernie Bar
2020 sorrel g
(Rs Classy Red Buck x Miss Princess McCue, by Keo San Bucky)
Hip 228  Consigned by Hank Robbins
Plenty Blu Twist
2012 blue roan g
(Twist O Blue Bonnet x Plenty Blu Command, by Plenty Blue Bonnet)
Hip 229  Consigned by Mike McPhail
Tanquery Whiskey Sun
2020 bay g
(Whiskeys Sun x Pretty Miss Gin, by Tanquery Gin)
Hip 230  Consigned by Lara R Willis
Firewater Got Me Lit
2022 buckskin s
(Flaming Fire Water x French Hazelnut, by Pc Frenchmans Mark)
Hip 231  Consigned by Diamond V Performance Horses
Pending/Annics Buttercut
2023 bay s
(Spooks Got Two Guns x Annics Buttercut, by Little Royal Paychek)