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Sale Result Policy

All completed sales and non-completed sales (Pass-Outs) are clearly announced to attendees and to on-line viewers of Triangle Sales. This transparency allows interested parties to know exactly what the final sale ring bid is for every horse offered before it leaves the sale arena. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to complete a pass-out sale, if possible, but agree to strictly handle the transaction through the sale office.

Triangle Sales reports the complete averages and high sellers for each sale, along with the names of the buyers and sellers. We also proudly feature our TOP $10,000 CLUB, a listing of every horse that sells for $10,000 or more during the calendar year. Final sale prices of all entries, without buyer names, are posted on the Triangle Sales website following each sale.

Median prices are not used with sale result reporting policy. This method, which basically determines a dollar amount between the high and low sale prices, is extremely useful when every sale horse is comparable to the others, i.e. all yearlings or 2-year-olds of a particular discipline and with similar bloodlines. Triangle Sales offers horses which are characterized by multi-disciplines of various ages, therefore this evaluation is not applicable at our sales.

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$170,000May 202138Spotlite Ta Fame2009BayMareKeyla Polizello Costa
$115,700May 202156Dynas Light Rey2017SorrelGeldingScott & Patricia McClurg
$111,200May 2021100Whiz N Pepto2018BlackGeldingBill Thomas, Agent
$76,000January 2021228Beer An Ice2018BuckskinStallionMarty Powers, Agent
$60,000January 202155Brother Cat2016SorrelGeldingKollin Von Ahn
$54,500January 2021241RR Shiners Fame2014PalominoGeldingKaleb Driggers
$50,000January 2021115Swing Thru The Drive2010SorrelMareCorrie Rousey
$50,000May 2021148Peek Twice2010Red RoanGeldingTurner Performance Horses LLC
$44,000May 2021112Wicked Little Cat2014SorrelMareRock Creek Cutting Horses
$40,000January 2021174Gun Metal Cat2011Red RoanGeldingTurner Performance Horses LLC
$39,000January 202121Bear Creek Cat2016SorrelStallionMLH Partners
$39,000May 202163Famous Collusion2018SorrelGeldingLance Powers, Agent
$36,500January 2021148Hip Happy Hayday2018PalominoMarePete Oen, Agent
$35,000January 2021266Brand New Step2016PalominoGeldingKirk Smith
$35,000May 2021135Gunna Be Hermoso2017SorrelGeldingSt-Onge Reining Horses, Agent
$31,000January 202161Reminics Red Roan2012Red RoanGeldingEstevan Castillo
$30,000January 2021112Turning Those Tricks2017Red RoanMareTJ Good
$29,000January 202126Lil Smokintinseltown2017PalominoGeldingCarl Knox
$29,000January 202194CT Hal Of A Cat2013Red DunGeldingChris & Barbara Cox
$29,000May 2021210Darlin Bobby2014GrayMareDaniel Reed
$28,000January 20216Sovereign Arion2013Black WhiteGeldingVivian Kincaid
$27,500January 202136Nikis First Timber2010SorrelGeldingDoug Chaney, Agent
$27,500May 202157Legends Whizard2015BayGeldingSt-Onge Reining Horses
$27,500May 2021105Jackies Last Dunit2009DunGeldingShawn Trimble
$27,000May 202136Look Whos Dun It2017DunGeldingJohn Hightower
$27,000May 202162Pepto With Style2017Red RoanGeldingW2
$27,000May 2021111Gunnabeapopstar2016PalominoGeldingCasey Ranch
$27,000May 2021189A Little Cat N Mouse2015SorrelGeldingRoger Anderson
$26,500January 202156Pony On The Boat2010SorrelStallionBob & Kate Ballew
$26,000May 2021204Sheza Snazzy Cat2013SorrelMareBill Pierce, Agent
$25,500January 2021121DZ Lil Royal Dude2017Red DunGeldingFlag Ranch LLC
$25,500January 2021226SF Jazzy Rey2017GrayGeldingIvan Raber, Agent
$25,500January 2021170Pending/Zans Chick O Lena2020PalominoStallionJose Milare Garcia
$25,000January 202154DH Models Poco Rey2017BuckskinGeldingCarl Knox
$25,000January 202182Peppy Patroan2017SorrelGeldingKollin Von Ahn
$25,000January 2021114LL Frosty Lady2004BuckskinMareJose Milare Garcia
$25,000January 2021118Adams Horse 132017Red RoanGeldingLeroy Helmuth
$25,000January 2021164Xtra White Lightning2017CremelloStallionMatt & Wendee Wood
$25,000January 2021267Minimosa2015SorrelMareMark Whitman, Agent
$25,000May 202148Spooks Shining Whiz2013SorrelGeldingNick Travaglia
$25,000May 202176Joe Willie Rey2017SorrelGeldingChris Johnsrud, Agent
$25,000May 2021108Mr Natural Gin2016SorrelStallionKirk Smith
$24,500May 202175Sweetish2015SorrelMareBill Pierce, Agent
$23,700May 202145Docsgallogun2014SorrelGeldingTurner Performance Horses LLC
$23,500January 2021122Wood He B A CD2016SorrelGeldingSean & Ashley Flynn
$23,500May 20219Cat Scratch Feva2018ChestnutMareLVP Cutting & Cow Horses
$23,500May 2021244Genuine Cowboy Bars2017PalominoGeldingCody Nordsiek, Agent
$23,000January 2021246Deacon Jim Miller2014SorrelGeldingVP Cutting Horses LLC
$23,000May 2021157Metallic Illusion2014Red RoanGeldingPaul Waters, Agent
$23,000May 2021196Caught N The Gunfire2019Red RoanMareChristopher Glass
$22,500January 2021166Mere Royalty2019BayStallionCannon Quarter Horses
$22,500January 2021270Shine Ima Shine2017PalominoGeldingMonte Strusiner
$22,500May 2021141Dun Gotta Loaded Gun2014Red DunGeldingMarty Powers, Agent
$22,000May 202153DJS Blastoff2011BuckskinGeldingAlan Chappell
$21,700May 202118Quick Cuppa Cats2013Red RoanGeldingEthan Dicks
$21,000January 2021117Hick In A Gt2016SorrelGeldingSam Shrum
$21,000January 2021124High Brow Peppy Lena2017BuckskinGeldingDavid Helmuth
$21,000January 2021144Peptos Gunner2015GrayGeldingAndy Raber
$21,000January 2021176Driftin Topaz2018BuckskinMareMarty Powers, Agent
$21,000May 2021235RL Drop The Mic2015SorrelGeldingDillon Crumpler
$20,000January 202138LT Play Me Out Jack2015GrayGeldingJared Meyer Performance Horses
$20,000January 202151MRD Yellow Gold2017PalominoGeldingCurtis Shrock
$20,000January 2021128A Vintage Melody2013PalominoMareHostetler Performance Horses
$20,000January 2021147Cromed In Chrisma2017BuckskinGeldingKirk Smith
$20,000January 2021259Doc Blue Boon Badger2017Blue RoanMareIsaiah Chandler
$20,000January 2021268Kittynip2017ChestnutGeldingTJ Good
$20,000January 2021284Plentybrosblue2013Blue RoanStallionSteve & Ashlee Taylor
$20,000January 2021303Written In The Sand2017Bay RoanMareJ Five Horse Ranch Mgmt LLC
$20,000May 202137Small Town Thro Down2014SorrelMarePaul & Sherri Waters
$19,900May 2021219Pale Face Diamond2015SorrelGeldingJim Young
$19,500January 2021198Blu Boonin Drys2018Red RoanGeldingAshley Routon, Agent
$19,500January 2021301Six Ways To Suenday2017SorrelGeldingWW Farms
$19,500May 202111FFL Sylvestr The Cat2016Red RoanGeldingGordon Roper
$19,000January 2021126Fantastic Bogieshine2017PalominoGeldingColt Carter
$19,000January 2021136Stunned2010SorrelStallionTJ Good
$19,000January 2021208SF Boonlight Jay2014SorrelGeldingMatt & Mitchell Meyer
$19,000May 2021166CC Fancy Footwork2018SorrelGeldingJim Young
$18,500January 2021129Midnight Mistress2017SorrelMareEvan Moffitt
$18,200January 2021201Mouse Scratches2016SorrelGeldingJohn & Mary Dangelmayr
$18,200January 2021245Beg Borrow Steal2017SorrelStallionLynn Blevins
$18,000January 2021222Shesa Stevie2019Bay RoanMareCannon Quarter Horses
$17,800January 2021315Legends Spark2014PalominoGeldingSteve Simon
$17,500January 2021143BB Pepto Heat2012Red RoanGeldingM Bar W LLC
$17,500January 2021202CD Flash 102017SorrelGeldingIvan Raber
$17,500May 202173Zans Frost2014PalominoGeldingGideon Kropf
$17,200May 2021220Bet Shes Mighty Fine2017Red RoanMareCowan Ranch LLC
$17,000January 202127Missin My Coronas2019PalominoStallionClinton Knox
$17,000January 202165CR Tuff Bo2018BayStallionMike St Clair
$17,000January 2021105Shiney Diamonds2013SorrelMareBob & Kate Ballew
$17,000May 2021122Lizzys Gotta Scratch2013SorrelGeldingTurner Performance Horses LLC
$17,000May 2021143Lookin At Bluejeans2017Bay RoanGeldingJim Young
$16,900May 2021188Playgun Boonsmal2015GrayGeldingKlay Waters
$16,700January 20213Sheza Dualin CD2011Red RoanMareTom O'Neal
$16,700January 2021200Gangnamstyle2012ChestnutMareHarvey Keene
$16,700May 202139SH One More Chex2013BuckskinGeldingBernard McGuire Jr
$16,500January 202139Peek A De Gallo2017SorrelMareJohn & Lica Pinkston
$16,500January 202198Marilynn Monrey2015SorrelMareBill McFarland Jr
$16,500January 2021243Custom Jersey2016SorrelGeldingJohn Hightower
$16,500May 2021197Smokin Sugar Dually2015ChestnutMareDonnie Jones
$16,300May 202134Easy Got A Spark2008SorrelGeldingEstevan Castillo
$16,200May 202182Spoonful Athena Cat2013SorrelGeldingTee Luttrell
$16,200May 2021140Motley Cat2010SorrelGeldingBilly Plumb
$16,000January 2021197Shines Mega Rose2018SorrelMareAmabile & Strusiner
$16,000January 2021203Gunnatrashparis2018PalominoMareAngelo Berrettini
$16,000May 202123Milli Pepto2014ChestnutMareChristopher Glass, Agent
$16,000May 2021211D Bar Pep Talk2017ChestnutGeldingEli Dangelmayr, Agent
$16,000May 2021229Mary Lee Along2018SorrelMareHayden Upton, Agent
$15,700January 2021168Smooth Chandolenacat2017SorrelMareJacob Morris
$15,700January 2021205Metallic Lee Hot2019Red RoanStallionAshley Routon, Agent
$15,700May 2021212Maximuss2017SorrelGeldingPaul Waters, Agent
$15,500January 2021189Docs Frosty Guy2018PalominoStallionHolly Griffin
$15,500January 2021276Rouge Cat2017Red RoanStallionMike Spicer
$15,500May 202187Hashtag Olena2019BayStallionBill McFarland Jr
$15,500May 2021118Iam Jessie2013GrayGeldingCody Nordsiek, Agent
$15,200January 2021236California Grey2015GrayGeldingBilly Plumb
$15,200January 202197Shine Pretty Shine2018PalominoMareSally Amabile
$15,200January 2021299Lizzys Gotta Scratch2013SorrelGeldingDoug Adamson Jr
$15,000January 202164DM Countonme2010SorrelGeldingDoug Chaney, Agent
$15,000January 202189Jesses Stylish Pick2019PalominoStallionClint Henson
$15,000January 2021150Talkin Chex2017SorrelGeldingPaul & Sherri Waters
$15,000May 20215Tripple Shot Peppy2009Red RoanGeldingEric Brast
$15,000May 2021107Trashy As My Daddy2013ChestnutGeldingClay & Taylor Paige
$15,000May 2021149Dido Joe Jack2010BayGeldingRising Sun Quarter Horses
$15,000May 2021155Call Me To Fly2017SorrelGeldingMarty Powers, Agent
$15,000May 2021168TFR Marlow (P)2016Sorrel TobianoGeldingClay & Taylor Paige
$15,000May 2021198Rapt In A Chip2016PalominoGeldingStan & Lisa Underhill
$15,000May 2021214Shes Smitten2018SorrelMareMark Kennedy, Agent
$15,000May 2021240Hes Gonna Boogie2018BuckskinGeldingCourtney Belyeu
$14,800January 2021160Purdy Highbrow2015SorrelMareWilliam B. Cook III
$14,500January 202192Pending B/Starstruck Ichi2019SorrelMarePat Fitzgerald
$14,500January 2021104Centenario2012BlackGeldingMatt Wood, Agent
$14,500May 202186Cats Rockin2014SorrelGeldingPaul Waters, Agent
$14,500May 2021232GVG Gunners Diamond (P)2017Sorrel OveroMareJim Young
$14,200January 2021272Whoaa Black Betty2019BlackMareRafter Bell Ranch
$14,000January 202141Coming Suen2017SorrelGeldingJohn & Mary Dangelmayr
$14,000January 202191Shine Juliet Shine2017PalominoMareAmabile & Strusiner
$14,000January 2021229Wrights Mucha Whipp2016Blue RoanGeldingArlan Kannas
$14,000May 202132Meradas Dun Talking2016ChestnutGeldingJ Dan & Rhonda Simmons
$14,000May 202140Frankly My Fling2017SorrelGeldingSteve Brettsprecher
$13,800May 202142So Flying Firewater2014BlackMareDavis & Linda Jones
$13,700January 202133PLP Real Quick Crown2018GrulloStallionMatt Whitman
$13,700January 202186Hawk Eyed Cat2019SorrelStallionBrnet Haile
$13,700May 202190EM Two Pounds2013Red RoanGeldingJohn Hightower
$13,700May 2021109Rowdy Yatez2019SorrelStallionSam Smith, Agent for Russ Mothershead
$13,500January 202177Roosters Whizn Chex2019PalominoStallionCurtis Shrock
$13,500January 202196Katalena Wine Mixer2014SorrelGeldingCaddo Lewallen, Agent
$13,500January 2021123Ethan Hawk2015SorrelGeldingJames R. Neal
$13,500January 2021127Two Bucks A Smokin2017BuckskinGeldingWilliam Raber
$13,500May 202143Moonshine Bright2015BayMareEstevan Castillo
$13,500May 2021176Jascko2017ChestnutGeldingPaul Waters, Agent
$13,200January 2021216Bet Hesa Bo Badger2018Red RoanGeldingAshley Routon, Agent
$13,000January 2021237Tommys Smokin Reds2017PalominoGeldingMyers Partnership LTD
$13,000January 2021286Smartys Starlight2017SorrelGeldingAmabile & Strusiner
$13,000May 202165Boon Style2008Red RoanGeldingSean Flynn, Agent
$13,000May 202170Rebels Jazzy Playboy2018Blue RoanGeldingKy Finck
$13,000May 2021186Travelen Cat2019Red RoanGeldingMike & Barbara Fluty
$13,000May 2021227Cats Smooth Whiskey2018Bay RoanGeldingChris Herriage
$12.700January 20217Electricfying2018SorrelStallionSteve Simon
$12.700January 202130Ms Pretty Boy Ray2017SorrelGeldingBrian Griffin
$12.700January 2021225Whitneys Lil Senator2016BayGeldingFlag Ranch LLC
$12,700May 202110BH Playin Cat2016SorrelGeldingW.E. Harris
$12,700May 202127Billy Rey Thomas2013SorrelGeldingTeal Bennett
$12,700May 202159Royals Cow Watcher2006SorrelGeldingMarty Powers, Agent
$12,500January 2021106Pending/Shiney Tarizana2017SorrelStallionBen Bauldus, Agent
$12,500January 2021215Bit Of Buen2019BayStallionSam Smith, Agent
$12,500May 202177Tommys Smokin Reds2017PalominoGeldingTurner Performance Horses LLC
$12,200January 202170Shine Chief Shine2018SorrelStallionAmabile & Strusiner
$12,200January 2021255Dual Lightning Lil2015SorrelGeldingWayne/Michelle Johnson
$12,000January 202148PLH Valentines Buck2013BuckskinGeldingBrandon Vaske
$12,000January 2021138Sugar High Brows2019BlackStallionDave & Stacy Sehl
$12,000January 2021156Casas Hickory Cat2017Red RoanGeldingMike Spicer
$12,000January 2021159Smoking Pistol Whiz2017ChestnutMareNici Schneider, Agent
$12,000January 2021161Reyzin Thee One2018Red RoanMareJared Meyer Performance Horses
$12,000January 2021179Bar G Chili G2013BlackGeldingJan Elmore
$12,000January 2021183Saint At Night2016SorrelGeldingAustin Blake, Agent
$12,000January 2021192Shine Kimber Shine2016SorrelMareAmabile & Strusiner
$12,000January 2021194Reyzur Sannman2019Red RoanStallionGreg Perron
$12,000January 2021204Neatly Dun On Faith2015Red DunMareKelly Ross
$12,000January 2021308Jerrys Smart Major2010BayGeldingMatt & Mitchell Meyer
$11,700January 202125Hes A Voodoo Kat2018PalominoGeldingRob & Sue Stevenson
$11,700January 202129Wimpy Rey Cat2019BuckskinStallionHenry Knox
$11,700January 202142Shesa Jazzy Cat Ct2016DunMareMika Renz
$11,700January 2021135Real Hot Cash2018GrayGeldingRob & Sue Stevenson
$11,500January 202157Whiz N Buckeye2018BuckskinGeldingDean & Barbie Williamson
$11,500January 2021233Pending/Hannahlena Cat2019Red RoanStallionTaylor Flowers Jr
$11,500January 2021288Shine My Crome2015BuckskinGeldingDeb Decker
$11,500May 202166Bet My Mom Has Style2018SorrelMareCircle C Ranch
$11,500May 2021163Scrutinstreakinizer2010BrownGeldingTeal Bennett
$11,000January 202187Pending A/Starstruck Ichi2019SorrelMarePat Fitzgerald
$11,000January 2021172Smart Star Brite2015BayMareAmabile & Strusiner
$11,000January 2021298Right Kind Of Rey2017SorrelMareMark Whitman, Agent
$11,000May 20216Metallic Shimmer2016SorrelMareSilverbrook Ranches
$11,000May 202151Bambi Kitty2017SorrelMareCowan Ranch LLC
$11,000May 2021117Double Shots Of Jack2018SorrelGeldingBill Thomas, Agent
$10.500January 2021281Cat Bet2018BayGeldingBrad Vance
$10,700January 202114Shine Whitle Star2018SorrelStallionAmabile & Strusiner
$10,700May 202178Zans Peppy Jammer2013Blue RoanGeldingDixon Winn
$10,500January 202168Smart Mr Christy2015SorrelGeldingMichael & Lori Peyton
$10,500January 202172Instantly Smart Cat2019SorrelStallionBrent Haile
$10,500January 2021310Spooks Cutter2009PalominoGeldingMichelle Terry, Agent
$10,500May 202160Whisker Suen2020SorrelStallionCreek Plantation
$10,500May 202194Boons Shinin Cat2018PalominoStallionCody Nordsiek
$10,200January 2021169Shock With Style2018SorrelGeldingRaymond Schwartz
$10,000January 202150Cats Savannah1999SorrelMareBrett Collins
$10,000January 2021131Smooth And Spooky2009SorrelMareTwin Arrows Ranch
$10,000January 2021141Olivia Cole2019ChestnutMareJeff & Jennifer Foland
$10,000January 2021177SJR Diamond Kaboom2019PalominoStallionIvan Raber, Agent
$10,000January 2021212Stylin Fancy Pants2018SorrelMareDiamond S Livestock
$10,000January 2021214Hash N Tags2020BrownStallionMike Spicer
$10,000January 2021239My CD Is Famous2017ChestnutMareFlag Ranch LLC
$10,000January 2021275Quacking Ichi2018BayMareJohn & Mary Dangelmayr
$10,000January 2021312Shining Laker Doc2019BuckskinStallionJonathan Miller
$10,000May 202122ID Watch Dolly2017BuckskinMareRising Sun Quarter Horses
$10,000May 202149Dun It Like Lena2001BuckskinStallionScott Walker
$10,000May 202180Oh Whatta Colour2017PalominoStallionLinda Tatum/Bar L Bunch Inv LLC
$10,000May 202184Rebel Three Ways2011SorrelGeldingJohn Elick, Texas Ranch Life LLC
$10,000May 2021103Breyk Me Off A Piece2018SorrelMareAlan Chappell
$10,000May 2021119Command Bux2010PalominoGeldingSanta Rosa Ranch
$10,000May 2021120Black Jack Feature2018BlackGeldingJared Meyer Performance Horses
$10,000May 2021125SES Boon Gun2014BayGeldingMark Kennedy, Agent