Sales Result Policy

All completed sales and non-completed sales (Pass-Outs) are clearly announced to attendees and to on-line viewers of Triangle Sales. This transparency allows interested parties to know exactly what the final sale ring bid is for every horse offered and gives buyers the opportunity to make a post-sale purchase of any horse “passed-out” in the sale ring.

Triangle Sales reports the complete averages and high sellers for each sale, as well as for various disciplines within the sale. We now proudly feature our TOP $10,000 CLUB, a listing of every horse that sells for $10,000 or more during the calendar year.

Today, as in the previous three decades of Triangle Sales history, the preferences of our buyers are honored and complete sale results, including the names of buyers, are never published.

Median prices are not used with sale results reporting policy. This method, which basically determines a dollar amount between the high and low sale prices, is extremely useful when every sale horse is comparable to the others, i.e. all yearlings or 2-year-olds of a particular discipline and with similar bloodlines. Triangle offers horses which are characterized by multi-disciplines of various ages, therefore this evaluation is not applicable at our sales.

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$10,000.00WINTER 20197Smooth As A Merada2013SorrelMareFlag Ranch LLC
$16,200.00WINTER 20199Pending/Thimblerey2018BayMareDrs M.J. & Sue Christensen
$12,500.00WINTER 201923Let Da Goodtimes Rol2017Red RoanStallionRuss Mothershead
$17,500.00WINTER 201924Lite These Katz Up2011SorrelMareMark & Donna Lavender
$11,500.00WINTER 201926Ladeez Night2016SorrelMareKody Porterfield
$30,000.00WINTER 201929Louellas Play Cat2014SorrelMareGerardo Alanis
$14,000.00WINTER 201933Smoothe Choice2013ChestnutGeldingAustin Blake
$14,500.00WINTER 201935Tuff Lil Priss2014SorrelMareElizabeth Lowe
$22,000.00WINTER 201939Never Reymember2017Red RoanStallionDr David Hartman
$14,000.00WINTER 201940Hip Time Pepto2017SorrelStallionFlag Ranch LLC
$11,500.00WINTER 201944Better Bamacat2017SorrelStallionFlag Ranch LLC
$13,000.00WINTER 201951Daisy Acres2016Red RoanMareCedar Lane Cattle Co
$14,200.00WINTER 201952That Swagger Cat2011SorrelStallionJ Lynn Blevins
$10,000.00WINTER 201955Woody B Sneakin2015SorrelGeldingBill McFarland Jr
$45,000.00WINTER 201957AR Stylish Metallics2017SorrelStallionAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$18,000.00WINTER 201958Blue Dox Com2006Blue RoanGeldingHoppy Eason
$120,000.00WINTER 201961Oh Miss Peacock2007BayMareAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$110,000.00WINTER 201962Oh Miss Sidney2010BayMareAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$11,200.00WINTER 201965Ruby Hydriv Catolena2014SorrelMareDeborah Lane Smith
$12,000.00WINTER 201967Smooth Blues Time2017Red RoanMareDr David Hartman
$18,500.00WINTER 201972Mystery Boon2017Red RoanStallionRob & Sue Stevenson
$25,500.00WINTER 201976AR Smart Peptolena2017ChestnutStallionAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$65,000.00WINTER 201977AR Dual Peptolena2017SorrelMareAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$28,000.00WINTER 201978Most Stylish Player2014BayMareFlag Ranch LLC
$19,000.00WINTER 201979Sir Stylish One2015Bay RoanGeldingRicky Piggott
$17,000.00WINTER 201981Playin N Fancy Tuff2015SorrelGeldingSlate River Ranch
$10,000.00WINTER 201984Shesa Boon To Bet On2017Red RoanMareSheri Haile
$15,000.00WINTER 201987Tuff To Get2015SorrelMareSlate River Ranch
$21,000.00WINTER 201994Peek Around2017Red RoanStallionCreek Plantation
$11,500.00WINTER 2019101Proof Time2017Red RoanMareFlag Ranch LLC
$11,000.00WINTER 2019102Tule Dual2015SorrelMareTerry & Connie Farrar
$14,000.00WINTER 2019104Pending/Savannah Hickory2017Red RoanMareWW Ranch
$10,500.00WINTER 2019107Metallic Reyna2017SorrelMareDr David Hartman
$10,700.00WINTER 2019109Blu Ivy2016Blue RoanMareKody Porterfield
$15,000.00WINTER 2019110Makin Cheyenne2017Red RoanStallionLewis & Karen Cadman
$17,200.00WINTER 2019113SJR Diamond Motion2017PalominoStallionToby Raber
$23,000.00WINTER 2019114Metallic Reyvolution2017Red RoanStallionDr David Hartman
$20,000.00WINTER 2019120Smooth As Skeet2016SorrelStallionRon Carlton
$17,500.00WINTER 2019122My Favorite Sister2014SorrelMareRichard & Xandra Minnix
$12,200.00WINTER 2019128Royaly Dun N Savanah2013DunGeldingJanet Bowen DVM
$19,700.00WINTER 2019132Auspicious Darlin2013BayMareFred Bray Ranch
$11,000.00WINTER 2019138CD Brianna Savanah2013BrownMareJanet Bowen DVM
$17,000.00WINTER 2019140Hotmetallic2012SorrelGeldingDroptine Ranch
$17,000.00WINTER 2019141AR Duallin For A Cat2017ChestnutStallionAtwood Quarter Horses Inc
$18,500.00WINTER 2019149Rey O White2004SorrelMareGlenn & Debbie Drake
$12,000.00WINTER 2019151Shes A Blu Bayou Cat2013Red RoanMareSteve & Linda Cohn
$18,500.00WINTER 2019153Blu Rey Cat2017Red RoanStallionJohn McCoy
$15,200.00WINTER 2019155Jamaican Me Lena Lil2014Red RoanGeldingTom & Hilary Watson
$13,200.00WINTER 2019158Show Stoper2016Red RoanMarePhillip Garrison
$10,000.00WINTER 2019159Tule Enuff2010SorrelGeldingMichels Performance Horses
$36,500.00WINTER 2019164Garfielddacat2013GrayGeldingMozaun McKibben
$13,000.00WINTER 2019181CR Tuffer Than Nails2013SorrelMareMike & Holly Major
$11,000.00WINTER 2019186ARC Cattyboonsmal2005SorrelMareS & S Farms
$18,200.00WINTER 2019189Texas Metal2015Red RoanGeldingWaco Bend Ranch LTD
$18,200.00WINTER 2019190Woodnt You Know2014BayGeldingMain River Quarter Horses Inc
$14,700.00WINTER 2019196The Purple One2016Red RoanGeldingC Schiller & G Rezabek
$11,000.00WINTER 2019197Jack B Metallic2015ChestnutGeldingMark Pearson
$16,000.00WINTER 2019198Freckles Talli Cat2012SorrelStallionMatt Eigsti
$16,700.00WINTER 2019201Desires Bo Monkey2015SorrelGeldingJames Vangilder
$14,500.00WINTER 2019208Mackie Meyer Cmoh2011Blue RoanStallionLloyd Burgess
$10,000.00WINTER 2019249Gunners Sweetgoodbye2013BayMareHilairy & Michael Guerriero
$15,200.00WINTER 2019255Shockya2015BayMareMindy Gray
$11,000.00WINTER 2019262Hollywoods Fancy2011BuckskinMareBrooke Hagle
$28,500.00WINTER 2019277Xtra Starlight Step2014PalominoGeldingMozaun McKibben
$14,000.00WINTER 2019284Shesanindianprincess2015PalominoMareAngelo & Jan Berrettini
$29,000.00WINTER 2019286Social Sioux2012BuckskinMareMozaun McKibben
$18,500.00WINTER 2019287Showtime N Joe2016PalominoStallionSt-Onge Reining Horses Inc
$11,700.00WINTER 2019288A Clean Shot2017Red DunMareBob & Charlene Martin
$15,000.00WINTER 2019289Shine Amigo Shine2015SorrelGeldingAmabile & Strusiner
$15,700.00WINTER 2019298Inferno Steady2017SorrelStallionWolf Hills Farm LLC
$15,000.00WINTER 2019302NT Its Showtime2014SorrelStallionSomer Richards
$19,500.00WINTER 2019306Hokiss Pokiss2013DunGeldingJohn Vance
$23,500.00WINTER 2019307Gunnabeawimpyinferno2017BlackMareTammy Brown
$26,500.00WINTER 2019309Star Of Tinseltown2014PalominoMareErvin Kranawetter
$11,000.00WINTER 2019329A Smokin Indian (P)2011Sorrel/OveroGeldingFrederick Gillespie
$10,200.00WINTER 2019333Very Shiny Remedy2016PalominoStallionAmabile & Strusiner
$14,200.00WINTER 2019338Spanish Diamond Back2016BuckskinStallionClayton Knox
$16,500.00WINTER 2019339Doc Frosty Buck2016BuckskinGeldingClayton Knox
$13,800.00WINTER 2019340Cats Eticket Time2017SorrelStallionHenry Knox
$17,000.00WINTER 2019342LLE Smokin Hot2015BuckskinGeldingCarl Knox
$14,000.00WINTER 2019346BPH Shining Quincy2015GrayGeldingClayton Knox
$10,500.00WINTER 2019347Ellie Ray Voodoo2017PalominoMareHenry Knox
$15,000.00WINTER 2019351SJ Colonel Pep2015BuckskinGeldingCarl Knox
$10,000.00WINTER 2019386Hoosier Blue Duck2015Blue RoanGeldingLeroy Yoder
$11,500.00WINTER 2019387Chilly Drive2016SorrelGeldingVernon Nisley
$13,500.00WINTER 2019406Shockn Ta Fame2017GrayGeldingRob & Sue Stevenson
$10,200.00WINTER 2019413GS Bucks Nu Legacy2014DunGeldingKelly Hostetler
$10,000.00WINTER 2019416Bet Hesa Thundercat2013Red RoanGeldingBill Ross
$12,500.00WINTER 2019419Grullo Cookie2015GrulloGeldingRob & Sue Stevenson
$12,000.00WINTER 2019469Starbert Unika2012GrayGeldingHunters Farm LLC
$10,500.00WINTER 2019478Hydrive Rey2016SorrelGeldingRob & Sue Stevenson
$12,100.00WINTER 2019480Turbo2007PalominoGeldingClay Scott
$12,000.00WINTER 2019489Two Bright Sock Two2010SorrelGeldingHollis Harris
$11,200.00WINTER 2019508Twisted Ace Remedy2009PalominoGeldingEd Morgan
$40,000.00WINTER 2019515High Brow Gypsy2012Black/TobianoGeldingMozaun McKibben
$10,000.00WINTER 2019516Crsbell Gallos Lobo2015PalominoGeldingLeeAnnReinert
$15,000.00WINTER 2019530Over The Blu Moon2015Blue RoanStallionWilliam Raber
$11,700.00WINTER 2019546Sundust Pep2009ChestnutGeldingJim McColley
$13,000.00WINTER 20191000Playin N Fancy Cat2015Bay RoanMareSlate River Ranch
$18,500.00WINTER 20191001Full Metal Jacket2015BayGeldingTom & Hilary Watson