John Read Foster Challenge

Triangle Sales and Future Fortunes Award First $22,500 Pay Out To Eligible Horses At 2018 Barrel Futurities Of American Juvenile Futurity!

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2018 John Read Foster Challenge Champion

A Kings Famous Fling

(A Streak Of Fling x BCR Stellaluna by Dash Ta Fame)

Seller: Morgan McDaniel, M3 Performance Horses LLC, Uvalde, TX

Owner: Peggy Fenton, Killeen, TX

Rider: Janet Staton

(L to R) John Read Foster, Janet Staton, Cindy Bowling (Past President Triangle Sales), Mary Ellen Hickman (Future Fortunes)


2018 John Read Foster Challenge Reserve Champion

Happy Dayz

(Firewaterontherocks x Buckle Up Bunny by Leaving Memories)

Seller: Robyn Herring, Huntington, TX

Owner/Rider: Jaylean Neatherlin, Weatherford, TX

(L to R) Cindy Bowling (Past President Triangle Sales), Jaylan Neatherlin, Mary Ellen Hickman (Future Fortunes), John Read Foster


                                             2019 – $22,500 GUARANTEED PURSE

  1. For the First and Second Place sale graduates performing in the 2019 BFA $20,000 Juvenile Futurity
  2. First Place – $15,000
  3. Second Place – $7,500
  4. Determined on a 2 Run Average
  5. Graduates only compete against each other for the prize money

John Read Foster Challenge 2019 Eligibles

Jettin O Lena16SorrelSMP Jet To The SunZans Chick O LenaPhil Campbell
Sun Fling N Fun16BuckskinMMP Jet To The SunKR Flingin BugsTrent Wargo
Perfect Sun N Moon16PalominoMMP Jet To The SunPerfection In BrownCarl Walker
Perfect Moon Fling16SorrelMMP Jet To The SunPerfection In BrownDavid James
First Down Fling16SorrelSA Streak Of FlingBuckshot DelightDavid James
Fling N Delight16Bay RoanMA Streak Of FlingBuckshot DelightRay Hill
Fling N Fortune16Bay RoanMA Streak Of FlingOur Genuine DelightDavid James
Sugar N Sun16SorrelMMP Jet To The SunSugar Da FameDavid James
Features Finest Kind16BayMTres SeisFeature For YouDon Ham, Agent
Decades Of Honor16BuckskinGPC Frosty BidAll Of Buttons HonorKC Quarter Horses
LH Streaknjazz16Red RoanGA Streak Of FlingJazzy RuthKyle Schmitt
JL Rocn By The River16ChestnutMJL SiroccoRiver Full Of CashJana Perry
Call Me Gone16SorrelSStreaking Ta FameDoll Ofa Wise ManCooper Smith
Fame Smashes Money16SorrelMVabellezMoney Smash BarBret Lindsay
St Blonde Bombshell16PalominoMFrenchmans BogieFirst PatriotRayfe Stuart
Streakin Fa Tima16Bay RoanMA Streak Of FlingQueen Fa TimaRNR Performance Horses
VR Bugsinthewind16BrownSFuryofthewindVR The Last BugJohn Read Foster
JLP Champion Form16SorrelGJets Last PaydayRare HeartKrista Moe
Maximum French Fame16BuckskinMFrenchmans MaximumBrownie To FameTommy Bradbury
Flittin Dirty16PalominoMFire Water FlitMoonlight In ParisShawna Nesloney
Flying Mach 9016PalominoSFrenchmans GuyMoonlight In ParisMonica McClung
JLP Ready Jet Go16BaySJets Last PaydayHope Its CashJohn Read Foster
Maximum Midnite Fame16SorrelGFrenchmans MaximumDestiny Ta FameTommy Bradbury
Miss Leader To You16GrayMEpic LeaderMiss Guy To YouSkeeter Cox
Pals Flying Ta Fame16BaySStreaking Ta FameSplashin StrawflyMadison Laubach
VR Phoebes Moon16BayMFuryofthewindKailua CreekVentana Ranch
Courage Of The Heart16BuckskinSCaptain CouragePC Wades WorldGordon Jamison
Eddison16ChestnutSMP Jet To The SunIda ThiefCooper Smith
Bid Double On Fame16SorrelSStreaking Ta FameDiscuinoDanny Ray
Chics Fame16ChestnutMKS Cash N FameChics Smart PeppyLisa Pfitzner
Shesa Streakin Gal16Red RoanMA Streak Of FlingDMAC Heaping SpoonCooper Smith
Fletchs Me Fame16GrayGVabellezFletchs ChickBret Lindsay
Mitey Gold Digger16ChestnutSA Mitey Sweet GuyNutmeg GoldJohn Read Foster
SDK Fame On Fire16SorrelSFire On BugTangos Fast DashRusty Roberts
Jess Boons16BuckskinMJesses TopazBoons AttractionCooper Smith
Colur Me Gone16SorrelSStreaking Ta FameRollin N StolinCooper Smith
MP Hay Special Day16PalominoMPC Frenchmans HaydayHum Dash SpecialWilliam Wade
Cooln My Jets16PalominoMMP Jet To The SunShez Dashin CoolErin Damphouse
Itsallaboutthe Frost16BayGPC Frosty BidSkeets That CashJosh Adams
Red About Corona16BaySCorona CalienteRed About QuixotePitzer Ranch
Cellars Streak16Bay RoanMA Streak Of FlingCellars HoleLuke Castle


                                             2020 – $20,000 GUARANTEED PURSE

  1. For the First and Second Place sale graduates performing in the 2020 BFA $20,000 Juvenile Futurity
  2. Determined on a 2 Run Average
  3. Graduates only compete against each other for the prize money
  4. Triangle Sale Bonus To All Barrel-Bred Yearlings…First Place – $7,500, Second Place – $2,500
  5. Future Fortunes Sale Bonus To All Yearling Graduates Paid In Full…First Place – $7,500, Second Place – $2,500


*Indicates Horse Is Only Eligible For Triangle Sales $10,000 Portion Of Purse

John Read Foster Challenge 2020 Eligibles

Six Pack Suzie17SorrelMFrench Too FameShes Seis AwayTrina Stephens
Wimps Dont Fly17SorrelGFly The Red EyeChic N WimpCooper Smith
Famous Tootie17BayGFamous BeduinoTwo Eyed Rudi TootieAustin Garvin
Miss Jb 17717SorrelMThe Money DepotDoctor MarthaCody Bauserman
In Bay And White17BayGTechnicoloursRootn Tootn CowgirlJim Blain Kenney
Chasin Aces And Fame17SorrelGChasin FirewaterW R Aces FameAdrian Bolin
Caseys Storm17BayMFrenchmans FabulousSmooth ChauffeurAndrea Cline
AR Totally A Keeper *17SorrelMThis Guyz A KeeperAR Totally BlondeTerri Ford
Miss Jb 172 *17BrownMHot CoronaMM Sassy MoonBedonna Dismore
Miss Jb 1713 *17SorrelMThe Money DepotStrawberry Jet FuelRobin Randle
Plain Fabulous17ChestnutGFrenchmans FabulousMs River BullyColby Lovell
Mochatogo17BlackMMighty B ValiantCaptain DramaRobin Hofmann
Mr Jb 17117BayGThe Money DepotSoumaya SeisCody Bauserman
Jet One Three17SorrelSMP Jet To The SunI Bring ItHolly Wilson
Hot Mess Ina Redress17SorrelMTres FortunesHot Corona CowgirlColton Melby
Bleu Stoli17GrayMStoliLast Deal Best DealRusty Roberts
Bar B White Hot Six17CremelloMFrenchmans Six DashKnfrenchmansjdrifterMarco Munoz
KD Baby Driver17SorrelGA Streak Of FlingWatch Me Go GuysLaura Landers
Di N To Be Fabulous17PalominoGFrenchmans FabulousCameo DiKyle Schmitt
French Moon Arising17PalominoGFrench Too FameStarlets GlassShank Stephens
Mr Jb 17617SorrelGThe Money DepotToohightobuyPecos McNiel
Frenchies Yella Rose17PalominoMFrenchmans MaximumFF Sorrel 44Jordan Teixeira
Corona Two Eyed17BaySCorona CalienteTwo Eyed HuneyCooper Smith
Technicolour Threat17PalominoGTechnicoloursBaby ThreatsJim Blain Kenney
Toastmyfrenchtoast17PalominoGFrenchmans FeatureToasts Dancing GirlJames Martin
Streakin Azyoucansee17Blue RoanGA Streak Of FlingSee The FireAimee Crowe
Chesters Lucky Lucy17BayMDashing ChesterMiss N LucyPecos McNiel
Eye B Dazzled17BrownMFly The Red EyeBarbies Fancy CharmBen Bengtson
Halo Darlin17SorrelMGuyspocketfullofcashHallelujah Im HereCharles Barton
Red Hot Tech17SorrelGTechnicoloursRed Hot TamaleJim Blain Kenney
RGB Runaway Fire17Brown/TobianoMStrait FirewaterCotton LarriatJustin Nalls
Bar B Fame N Bling17GrayMFrenchmans GuyMiss Mitos WhiskeyRay Hill
JLP Lil Jimmy Stover17ChestnutGJets Last PaydayStovers June BugRobin Frankenberg
Waylynn17PalominoMFamous BugsMiss Pepi ToughSunset Ranch Co
Frenchie Bug17SorrelMBHR Frenchies SocksMs Blazen BugMyra Deen
Fabulous Bugs17PalominoSFrenchmans FabulousTake The Cash BugAdrian Bolin
Eye Can B Famous17BayGFly The Red EyeCC JamaicanmefamousColby Lovell
Beerntatortots *17BayGDash Master JessMugaruthLacrecia Vance
Frenchstreakto Riley17Bay RoanGFrench StreaktovegasNip AndplayPaul Artmann
Genuine Red Corona17BaySCorona CalienteRitas Genuine RedCooper Smith
GCH Jet Tothesun 54817GraySMP Jet To The SunRH Apache MirandaPecos McNiel
VF Total Eclipse *17BlackMObsessed With CoronaFirin Six MoonsWanda Eakin
Flingincashatthebar17Bay RoanMA Streak Of FlingCredit The Flit BarStephen Doby
Jesses Bet17SorrelMJesses TopazBets TanqueryMadison Stewart
Sandys Sudden Fame17SorrelMWoodbridgeArise RunninBlanche Whatley
Shutupanddancewithme17SorrelMSangrealFlits Famous BlessinThree Bar T Quarter Horses
VF Alota Fame17SorrelMLota PycCoco Lalla CreekMarcum & Wells
General Vodka17BayGTriple VodkaColonels ChitaJames Bruce
Firstclasschickasaw17SorrelSCF Chickasaw WarriorFire With ClassArnulfo Osuna
Maximum Touchafame17BuckskinMFrenchmans MaximumLil TouchafameDebra Graves
Special Irish Luck17BaySIrish PayCD SpecialMel & Suzy Miller
RR Delightful Jazz17BayMJames JazzRR ArribaDon McDonnor