Sales Result Policy

All completed sales and non-completed sales (Pass-Outs) are clearly announced to attendees and to on-line viewers of Triangle Sales. This transparency allows interested parties to know exactly what the final sale ring bid is for every horse offered and gives buyers the opportunity to make a post-sale purchase of any horse “passed-out” in the sale ring.

Triangle Sales reports the complete averages and high sellers for each sale, as well as for various disciplines within the sale. We now proudly feature our TOP $10,000 CLUB, a listing of every horse that sells for $10,000 or more during the calendar year.

Today, as in the previous three decades of Triangle Sales history, the preferences of our buyers are honored and complete sale results, including the names of buyers, are never published.

Median prices are not used with sale results reporting policy. This method, which basically determines a dollar amount between the high and low sale prices, is extremely useful when every sale horse is comparable to the others, i.e. all yearlings or 2-year-olds of a particular discipline and with similar bloodlines. Triangle offers horses which are characterized by multi-disciplines of various ages, therefore this evaluation is not applicable at our sales.

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$50,000.00WINTER 2018224Duals Play Kit2000SorrelMareCharles Burger
$40,000.00WINTER 2018225Nurse Connie2005SorrelMareCharles Burger
$40,000.00WINTER 2018259Platinum Gun2014PalominoGeldingMozaun McKibben
$38,000.00WINTER 2018218ARC Cat Her Please2003BayMareFlag Ranch LLC
$36,000.00WINTER 2018230Gimmeabreaklilkitty2015SorrelMareLonnie & Barbara Allsup
$35,000.00WINTER 2018212Hip Hip Sue Rey2006ChestnutMareFlag Ranch LLC
$28,000.00WINTER 2018103Hal O Matic2010BayMareClaire Armstrong
$28,000.00WINTER 2018214Better Sue2003SorrelMareFlag Ranch LLC
$26,500.00WINTER 2018221PG Special Edition1998GrayMareFlag Ranch LLC
$23,500.00WINTER 2018130Roxane2014SorrelMareRose Valley Ranch
$23,000.00WINTER 2018170Little Dirty Secret2015BlackMareCenter Ranch LLC
$20,700.00WINTER 2018185Wholly Time2008Red RoanMareTerry Hollis-Agent
$20,000.00WINTER 201869Goodies One Time2012Red RoanGeldingGuy & Carol Walker
$19,500.00WINTER 201890Dos Kamikazes2012SorrelMareTroy & Shale Davis
$19,500.00WINTER 2018216Cats Tiara2006BayMareFlag Ranch LLC
$19,500.00WINTER 201886JTR Sweet Spot2014SorrelMareJayme Resende
$19,000.00WINTER 2018220Jane Ofthe Jungle2006BayMareFlag Ranch LLC
$17,700.00WINTER 2018219Above Smart Lil Lena2009SorrelMareFlag Ranch LLC
$17,700.00WINTER 2018104PRF One Hot Cat2010SorrelGeldingKay James
$17,700.00WINTER 2018286Star Of Tinseltown2014PalominoMareTrish Valasek
$17,000.00WINTER 2018143Cassies Little Cat2014Red RoanMareRockin L Farms
$16,700.00WINTER 2018222Spook Proof2005SorrelMareFlag Ranch LLC
$16,500.00WINTER 2018108Gunna Play In Texas2013SorrelGeldingMason Griffin
$16,000.00WINTER 2018469MRF Peptos Dream2010Red RoanGeldingTracy Goodson-Agent
$15,800.00WINTER 2018477Becketts Smart Boon2006SorrelGeldingBrowne's Bar XL Ranch
$15,500.00WINTER 2018250Shine Brite2014PalominoGeldingAmabile & Strusiner
$15,500.00WINTER 2018102SR Reylena2011SorrelMareAllie Dwyer
$15,200.00WINTER 201818Woody Be Lazy2008SorrelGeldingTerry Hollis-Agent
$15,000.00WINTER 2018343Corona Peppers2013BuckskinGeldingBruce Bradley
$15,000.00WINTER 2018126Shift Her In Third2012SorrelMareJarrett Callahan
$15,000.00WINTER 2018181Cowboy Cassinova2009BrownGeldingTerry Hollis-Agent
$15,000.00WINTER 2018378GB Hemight Boonholly2013BuckskinGeldingClayton Knox
$15,000.00WINTER 2018134Alberchini2009SorrelGeldingRoland Reichardt
$15,000.00WINTER 2018336Smokey Ray Zan2007PalominoGeldingTyler Sowle
$14,800.00WINTER 2018277Fluff My Chic2006BayMareLarry Sarloos
$14,700.00WINTER 201852Quana Parker2011ChestnutMareMarcy Blanchard
$14,500.00WINTER 2018347Watch My Lena Dot2016BuckskinStallionClayton Knox
$14,300.00WINTER 2018190WR Cat Proof Cat2012SorrelGeldingJoe Wood
$14,200.00WINTER 2018284Tricks In My Benz2014BuckskinGeldingBowling Arvidson Ventures
$14,000.00WINTER 2018162CR Wrs Cee Dee Tee2013SorrelMareCenter Ranch LLC
$14,000.00WINTER 2018301Voodoo Sioux2013PalominoGeldingRich & Flis Sassella
$13,700.00WINTER 2018215Pepto Playin Frosty2006SorrelMareFlag Ranch LLC
$13,700.00WINTER 201895Vela Suave2011BrownGeldingJohn Kelley
$13,700.00WINTER 2018365Mr Blakburn Chex 1512015BuckskinGeldingCarl Knox
$13,700.00WINTER 201850Chers Smoothee2011SorrelMareKeith McMahan
$13,500.00WINTER 2018191CR Maximum Tufness2015BayGeldingCenter Ranch LLC
$13,500.00WINTER 2018114Cats Super Smart2008SorrelGeldingMark Johnson
$13,500.00WINTER 2018201Six Pack Cat2014SorrelGeldingRose Valley Ranch
$13,200.00WINTER 2018265Hesa Shiny Nickle2013BayGeldingOhio Lazy L Ranch
$13,000.00WINTER 2018234Rusty Be Tuff2015SorrelGeldingLonnie & Barbara Allsup
$13,000.00WINTER 2018140SR Sweet Lil Puma2014SorrelMareCenter Ranch LLC
$12,800.00WINTER 2018232Whoa Pete Itsa Skeet2015SorrelGeldingLonnie & Barbara Allsup
$12,800.00WINTER 2018381Jazz Purr2013SorrelGeldingDale Koller
$12,800.00WINTER 2018168Fifty Shades Of Ok2013SorrelGeldingScott McMaster
$12,600.00WINTER 2018503My Heart Of Hearts2016PalominoStallionDave & Stacy Sehl
$12,500.00WINTER 2018163Tell Us Ur Ozzum2010SorrelGeldingSharon Baker
$12,500.00WINTER 201879Little Stylish Rey2009BayMareJerry Durant
$12,500.00WINTER 2018442Cat Danceing2013SorrelGeldingJeff Heaton
$12,500.00WINTER 2018432Cottonwood Speedy2010BuckskinGeldingJim Litts
$12,200.00WINTER 2018226Very Shortly2001GrayMareCharles Burger
$12,200.00WINTER 2018141DJ Wild Freckles Cat2016GrayStallionRob Stevenson
$12,000.00WINTER 2018244Mobsters Tears2016BayStallionHillis Akin Family Partnership
$12,000.00WINTER 2018440Cowboys Gin 0452010GrayGeldingJoe Cunningham & Doug Paul
$12,000.00WINTER 2018107An Awesome Force2014BayStallionGale Force Quarter Horses
$12,000.00WINTER 20181001Smooth Charlie Cat2014SorrelStallionDick Holm
$12,000.00WINTER 2018319Star Bars Chic2016SorrelMareKent Jackson
$12,000.00WINTER 2018248Shine Ginger Shine2013PalominoMareMonte Strusiner
$11,700.00WINTER 2018177Xtra Smart Jazz2013SorrelMareDarla Hoover
$11,700.00WINTER 201876Puddy Boy Cat2011SorrelGeldingJon Swofford
$11,300.00WINTER 201839Oh Cays Lil Ruby2013SorrelMareMary Hannagan
$11,300.00WINTER 2018145Peptolynx2004Red RoanMareDuncan Steele-Park
$11,200.00WINTER 2018240HA Gunna Be A Chic2016SorrelStallionHillis Akin Family Partnership
$11,200.00WINTER 2018227Sarah Dually2003SorrelMareCharles Burger
$11,200.00WINTER 201849CR Tuff Tornado2015SorrelGeldingCenter Ranch LLC
$11,000.00WINTER 2018241HA Gunna Be A Nic2016SorrelStallionHillis Akin Family Partnership
$11,000.00WINTER 2018172Sweet Sofie Cat2012SorrelMareSharon Baker
$11,000.00WINTER 201833Mr Mookie2014BayStallionGreg Coalson
$11,000.00WINTER 201887Sly Smart Girl2014SorrelMareJimmie Miller Smith
$11,000.00WINTER 2018438Harlan SGD Gold2009PalominoGeldingKirt Wingate-Agent
$10,700.00WINTER 201897Bet Shesa Captain2015Red RoanMareGene Cunningham-Agent
$10,700.00WINTER 2018531Genuine Baron Bullsi2014Red DunGeldingKevin Sherman
$10,700.00WINTER 2018120Smooth As A Freckle2013ChestnutGeldingMike Spicer
$10,500.00WINTER 2018164Brumby Catt2013ChestnutMareKevin Dwyer
$10,500.00WINTER 2018295Wimpys Lil Spookster2016PalominoStallionHenry Knox
$10,500.00WINTER 2018282BK Silver Bullet2016GrulloStallionRobert & Kay Linville
$10,500.00WINTER 2018194JTR Dual Kitty2014SorrelMareJayme Resende
$10,500.00WINTER 20181004Catbelles2014BayMareSheila Preedy Reynolds
$10,500.00WINTER 2018211Mystic Boon2013SorrelMareJohn & Maria Warren
$10,200.00WINTER 2018484Sophisticated Squeak2016SorrelMareBrightstone Ranch
$10,200.00WINTER 2018133CR Tuff Tosh Point O2015SorrelGeldingCenter Ranch LLC
$10,200.00WINTER 2018173Solid Oak2016BayStallionSine Ranch LLC
$10,200.00WINTER 201812Surprised Look2011SorrelMareDan & Kelli Stankoski
$10,200.00WINTER 2018495AF A One2011Red RoanGeldingJoe Wright
$10,000.00WINTER 2018228Kit Kat Misty2015SorrelMareLonnie & Barbara Allsup
$10,000.00WINTER 201861A Scarlet Widow2015SorrelMareCenter Ranch LLC
$10,000.00WINTER 2018198CR Tonka Tuff2015SorrelGeldingCenter Ranch LLC
$10,000.00WINTER 2018419Ms Stylish Hancock2013GrayMareAdam Donaldson
$10,000.00WINTER 201893Lookinreylsmart2014SorrelGeldingDan Eaton
$10,000.00WINTER 2018171RR Metallic Man2014SorrelGeldingDana & Chuck Farmer
$10,000.00WINTER 2018279Ms Chics Einstein2012ChestnutStallionChristian Roux